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Thank you for your trust in Meguro Yuai Clinic. I'm Dr. Hisayuki Miyajima, has been treating spinal problems including herniated discs through PLDD laser procedures. To support the smooth operation, I examine and listen carefully to the patient's symptoms or complaints and observe the supporting data such as X-ray and MRI to find out how the patient condition before surgery. I correspond by email and WhatsApp. However, when patients visit to clinic and meet in person, problems often occur such as different symptoms, different or need to increase intervertebral surgery.


To avoid these things, and so that the procedure/operation can be carried out smoothly,

I recommend that patients to take a consultation first by web consultation via Zoom. 

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Let's check it out!

We are introducing about

"Thermal Denaturation" which is a main effect of PLDD procedure.

This footage is easy to know about what is going on at the procedure and after the procedure.

We are introducing about

the actual PLDD procedure which performed for lumbar disc herniation by Dr.Hisayuki Miyajima.

You can see the actual PLDD procedure.

Also in this video you can see how PLDD is safe and minimum-invasive surgery.

We are introducing an interviews of patients who had undergone PLDD procedure.

You can see the testimonies of patients in this video. Patients are explaining how the procedure had performed to them.

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