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Specialist  Dr.Hisayuki MIYAJIMA

The director of Meguro Yuai Spine Center / Meguro Yuai Clinic. Orthopaedics Specialist, who has over 1000 PLDD surgery.

Let's aim for the best goal together!

What I value most is building a strong relationship of trust from patients. As a result of believing so, we have been able to continue medical treatment while receiving great support from many patients to date.
In order to build a strong relationship of trust, it is necessary to remove the pain and distress of the patient.
Not to forget the compassion and delicate attention to eliminate uneasy feelings and dissatisfaction points. I think that it is important for standing in the position of each patients. And also it's important to realize what they are really seeking.
Many patients who have been suffering for many years are coming to our spine center because they have not cured with the treatment so far. Such patients have quite a few concerns and dissatisfaction about medical care. First of all, I think that it is the job of a doctor to eliminate such feelings. We carefully explain the patient's condition and treatment method and talk repeatedly until we can convince their heart. Then, I would like to aim for the goal to be satisfied together.


Japan Orthopedic Association Specialist, Japan Orthopedic Association Sports Specialist

The Japan Medical Association accredited industrial physician, Spinaland spinal pathologist


Japan Orthopedic Association, Japan Laser Medical Association

East Japan Orthopedic Disaster Surgery Association

The Japanese Society of Spinal Association, Kanto Orthopedic Disaster Surgery Association

Japan Associationof Fracture Therapy, Japan Foot Surgery Association

Japanese Hand Surgery Association, Japan External Fixation · Bone Extension Association

To Indonesian Patients,

In recent years, many Indonesian patients who suffering from cervical or lumbar hernia, they have come to our center for PLDD surgery. Indonesian patients who had PLDD surgery at our Clinic, the postoperative course was very good and recovered smoothly. We thought that maybe more patients who want to cure a hernia are there, also we thought that they are suffering from reasons such as not being able to get long-term hospitalization. So, we want to let more Indonesian patients know about PLDD surgery.

If you have a pain or numbness due to disc herniation, please do not bother alone, please do not hesitate to ask. We are preparing to treat you at any time.


The director of Meguro Yuai Medical Spine Center

/ Meguro Yuai Clinic

Orthopedic specialist

Dr. Hisayuki MIYAJIMA

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